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Our Commitment to Food Safety

With regard to food safety, we abide by strong manufacturing food safety procedures. We source everything specifically, and endeavor to have 100% traceability on all the ingredients we purchase. With regard to our regular Third Party Quality and Food Safety Audits, one recent audit for a national big- box company through Randolph & Associates resulted in a quality and food safety score of 97%. A subsequent audit by AIB International resulted in a score of “Excellent” in all areas. We also conduct continual verification of quality and food safety to meet the highest standards using both our on premise lab and outsourcing as needed for even more granular testing.

Food Safety, Our Standards

We follow a very strict standard of manufacturing. We are audited by one of the select international audit firms for food safety. We are proud to have achieved a rating in the highest level.

Our Brands

We use whole foods, inspired by homemade diets, with balanced supplements creating the perfect balance of protein of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. This is simply real meat, fruits and vegetables

Breakaway Dog Food
South Star Dog Food
Great Life Premium Dog Food
Country Trail Dog Food
Bully Pride Dog Food